Get ready for a busy April

Dear Friends,

We are now coming into a very busy time of the year, and there are several things I would like to mention for your information and interest.

A group of 14 people from our church will be going to Spring Harvest in Minehead, from 5 – 9th April. Please pray that this will be a valuable and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

There will be an exhibition in our Church hall, to celebrate the story of the 1st Margate Boys’ Brigade, on 11th & 12th April, from 10am until 5pm each day. Tea and coffee will be available all day – do come along and visit. A souvenir book, “Under the Glengarry”, will be available for a donation.

On Good Friday (18th April), there will be a Walk of Witness through Margate, beginning at the Roman Catholic Church at 10am. This year, I am organizing the walk, and it would be good to see lots of Baptists with us on the day.

On Easter Day (20th April), there will be a Communion Service at 9am, followed by a cooked breakfast – please sign up if you would like to eat with us. At 11am there will be a Family Service, and Easter Evening Worship is at 6.30pm. Please come and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with us.

Adrian Plass will be at Holy Trinity Church, Margate, on 24th April at 7.30pm, for an evening of stories and laughter. Tickets are £12.

Ted Watt-Ruffell is arranging a musical evening in our church hall, in aid of Bethany Children’s Trust, Thanet Street Pastors, and Boys and Girls Brigade. This will be on Saturday 26th April at 7pm, and donations of at least £2 per person are invited. The music will be of the “easy listening” variety, and performers will include young people from our church and from Christchurch University. Please support this very worthwhile event.

Further ahead, on 10th May, Destiny Africa Choir will be visiting Margate again, with an evening of music and dance at New Life church, from 7pm. Tickets will be £3.

Thanks to all who bought copies of my book “Preach it again, Sam”, which is now sold out. Further copies may be available later, if enough people tell me that they would like one – let me know. Meanwhile, Bertie Armstrong’s second book of church humour, “Pray Continue” will be on sale from 1st April, for £3.95 per copy. Make sure you order yours as soon as possible.

Finally, don’t forget to enter the Photographic Competition, on the them of “Creation”! The winner will be announced on Easter Sunday.

Best wishes, Stephen




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